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Our Story

Our mission, to unlock the magic of learning and foster student success by creating the most engaging and extraordinary digital learning solutions, began in 2002. Now, for nearly two decades, StrongMindSM has blazed a trail in online education.

USMC LogoDamian Creamer founded StrongMind as the exclusive technology and curriculum partner for Primavera Online High School. A proud veteran of the United States Marine Corps, serving from 1991 to 1996, Damian works diligently with his growing team of nearly 500 digital learning professionals to continuously reinvent and advance curriculum, technology, and instruction to empower students and teachers throughout the country. While StrongMind has already benefited more than 225,000 students, Damian is determined to ensure we succeed in our vision to become the trusted and recognized source for innovative digital learning solutions.

Our Values

We improve by being open, honest, and direct. Communication and collaboration are key at StrongMind. With weekly “Mini-Hands” and “Glass Board” meetings, employees have a moment to reflect on the week, give kudos, and provide project updates and recent accomplishments. Teams also hold demonstrations of their work, allowing them to “show and tell” and answer questions from others.

StrongMind Candor

We work to achieve great outcomes every day. Everyone at StrongMind has one common goal: to help students succeed. We think with the end in mind, always moving forward and using feedback and user data to guide our work. Great results come from great communication and teamwork!

StrongMind Office

We collectively own the future of StrongMind, and we each strive to make our goals a reality. We are passionate about our work and strive to make a meaningful difference in the lives of students and teachers with innovative digital learning solutions. To help do this, we must also empower one another in reaching professional and personal goals, including staying healthy and in pursuing hobbies.

Data drives insights; insights drive decisions. We work hard to make sure we are meeting the needs of our partners – which means taking deep dives to analyze and understand data.


StrongMind is proud to work closely with our users to generate the best content possible. We listen to feedback closely to determine course and features updates and additions, and we adapt along with our students, teachers, and administrators.

We push forward when others turn away. StrongMind was born out of necessity – to solve problems not being addressed by current solutions. Our goal is to support schools with what they need, which means exploring new ideas and pushing through unique challenges. We work closely with partners to create customized and pioneering solutions – some that may not even exist today.

The best ideas come from different voices, viewpoints, and experiences. With over 200 dedicated employees, we have a wonderfully diverse representation of opinions, expertise, and experience.  We encourage others to share their ideas and passions. When it comes to our incredible work, we don’t expect – or want – everyone to share the same perspective. Through honest and candid communication, despite our differences, StrongMind will continue to grow as we reinvent the learning experience and support thousands of learners.

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Our Culture

StrongMind is creating a culture that revolves around a single purpose — reinventing the learning experience for students. Centered around six values, StrongMind employees live these values in their work each day as they collaborate to find innovative solutions to educational challenges. At StrongMind, we believe in empowering our employees to be creative and support their pursuit of interests in and out of the workplace.

Together, we’ll create the best digital learning solutions.

In order to fulfill our vision of becoming the most trusted and respected digital learning solutions company, StrongMind is dedicated to attracting and retaining the brightest minds in education and technology. We put our partners first and are committed to operating with respect, candor, and persistence.

Meet Our Teams

With a full stack team of designers, illustrators, animators, videographers, engineers, and writers, the creative department at StrongMind is changing education and the way students learn. Diversity is a key strength for this group. They work hard, they play video games, and they also produce some amazing, innovative work! Learn more about what it means to work with this team!

The StrongMind curriculum team helps teachers unlock the magic of learning and foster student success by creating the most engaging and high-quality digital curriculum. To do so, our curriculum developers, instructional designers, editors, and producers apply a combined 565 years in education, 235 years in the classroom, and 300 years in EdTech to our digital learning solutions. We are determined to make a meaningful difference in the lives of students and teachers by delivering diverse, relevant, and purposeful content.

This diverse team uses a comprehensive array of research approaches to promote exceptional user experience and effective pedagogy. Through in-depth statistical research and broad user design studies, they help improve student performance, engagement, and product usability. With the support of the Research team, StrongMind makes data-informed decisions that drive innovation in the world of digital learning.


Our innovation lab is a key component for testing new courses or ideas – we meet with teachers & students to get their ideas around new content prior to releasing it.

We are a group of fun-loving, creative, problem solvers who are committed to the success of our partners! We are dedicated to serving and delighting our partners by helping them optimize our digital solutions to address the needs of their students, families and schools. Each partner success manager engages our partners to achieve their desired goals and objectives as informed by data, insights and joy.

StrongMind Building

The mission for StrongMind Business Development is to be a trusted partner, advisor, innovator, and deliverer of progressive education models that increase student outcomes, empower teachers, encourage administrators, and inspire communities. By focusing on deep problems embedded in Districts and Schools, we will enable insightful discourse with education leaders that are pursuing innovation yet are absent of trusted guidance, reliable resources, and an alliance mindset to bring the ideas to life.

We’re a diverse team of engineers, designers and managers who passionately contribute towards the mission of StrongMind to foster student success. The product engineering department is focused on delivering delightful user experiences to students, teachers, parents, and administrators. We utilize technology to drive innovation and reinvent the learning experience. The cross-functional teams work through plan-build-measure cycles, focus on outcomes over outputs, and challenge themselves to habitually deliver value to our customers on a regular and predictable cadence.

Using creative and innovative thought leadership, the marketing team specializes in everything from branding, advertising, content and PR, to social media and search engine optimization. They are passionate about creating powerful and compelling work that takes partners’ organizations to the next level. At the end of the day, this dynamic team is here to inform, inspire, and deliver results.

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