Flexible Digital Solutions for Innovative Schools

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Using StrongMind currently:

If you or your child is currently enrolled in a school offering StrongMind as a curriculum option, please contact your school for information or assistance. You can also log in to your student account and select the “About” tab for additional help.


Interested in StrongMind:

We currently do not offer our curriculum as a standalone product for individual or homeschool use, but we do work with several providers and schools around the nation who use our curriculum. Please refer to our partner schools below, for access to StrongMind curriculum.

StrongMind is the trusted source for innovative digital learning solutions.

At StrongMind, we are proud to have a team dedicated to addressing the needs of your unique environment to achieve the outcomes you desire. Everything from our high-quality digital curriculum to turn-key operations solutions, StrongMind unifies the learning experience for teachers, administrators, students.


Partnering with StrongMind means building a solution that helps schools thrive and students succeed.


Connect with us to learn more about StrongMind!

Support student success with our digital curriculum and courseware, PBL templates & activities, just-in-time math support with PlanetMath, and more

We can streamline enrollment processes and/or help spread the word about your organization to more parents and families

StrongMind performs all forms of school operations, including turn-key solutions, in order to build efficiencies that improve accountability and compliance. Includes staffing, admissions and registration processes, and more

Engagement system via StrongMind Loud Mouth that automates messages to students, teachers, parents based on grades, course activity, and performance