Superior Digital Courseware for
Leading-Edge Schools

Deliver a powerful and engaging online learning experience for your 6-12th grade students.

Learn how StrongMind’s high-caliber digital courseware can help your school innovate to attract and retain more students, improve academic outcomes and increase graduation rates.

Digital Courseware Includes: 

Core & Elective Curriculum

Our award-winning curriculum goes beyond rigor and alignment to engage your learners with relevant content, interactive formats and captivating mediums designed to help prepare them for college and career.

Smart Assessments

Galileo K-12 Online assessments enable you to harness the power of data to provide a more personalized education and drive improved academic outcomes.

Insights Reporting & Analytics

Easily access the data you need to make better decisions, solve problems and grow your school with key student and instructor data.

LoudMouth Communications Hub

The first bi-directional communications portal of its kind that allows you to easily connect with parents and students to keep them informed in real time.

3rd Party Plug-in Capabilities

You can employ StrongMind’s world-class digital courseware as well as your favorite educational tools and applications from other providers.

Courseware Can Be Used For:

  • Fully Digital Classes
  • Blended Learning
  • Catching up on Credits
  • Summer School
  • Text Book Replacement

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