You have the vision; we have the building blocks.

A StrongMindSM partnership means building a solution that helps schools thrive and students succeed. Together, we foster crucial relationships throughout the learning journey – from students and parents to teachers and administrators. Whether your school is fully virtual, brick-and-mortar, or a hybrid model, StrongMind has a team dedicated to bringing solutions that are unique to your environment. Everything from high-quality digital curriculum to turn-key operations solutions, StrongMind delivers strategies that support student achievement and tackle your school’s specific challenges.

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Student Performance

Elevating Student Performance

We know students experience greater success when their academic, social, and emotional needs are addressed in alignment, which is why the StrongMind approach to content, courseware, and school staff builds the relationships that support students, teachers, and parents throughout the learning experience.

Student Performance

  • Our award-winning, rigorous K-12 digital curriculum engages students
  • Project-Based Learning* activities promote collaboration
  • Just-in-time math support via Planet Math and integrated SEL* activities bolster student learning and teacher instruction
*Available for Fall 2020

Engagement Methods

  • Cognitive, behavioral, and emotional engagement strategies deployed among staff and embedded throughout the learning experience
  • Interactives and contemporary, relevant, engaging media promote learning
  • Mobile tool, StrongMind Loud Mouth, supports engagement among students, families, and educators
School Operations

Optimizing School

From enrollment and recruitment services that attract more students to your school to providing all forms of school operations, including turn-key solutions, StrongMind increases efficiencies in education services. StrongMind also provides hybrid school design, implementation, and/or management services.

School Operations

  • Instructional program design and evaluation models to manage effectiveness and support student performance
  • Empowering teachers with training and Professional Development on instructional models
  • Leadership, personnel, and staffing
  • Compliance Services and Reporting

Enrollment & Recruitment

  • Community outreach initiatives through digital campaigns, social media and multi-tiered communication strategies
  • Supporting admissions via online applications, seamless registration, course placement, and flexible attendance models
  • Creating a customized parent-student portal for accountability, announcements, graduation requirements, grades, and more!
Strategic Alliances

Thriving Together

A StrongMind partnership focuses on relationships- the relationship between StrongMind and school, student and teacher, teacher and family. These crucial relationships are central to our approach in designing and delivering solutions that address your unique needs.

Partner Success

  • A dedicated Partner Success Manager committed to ongoing support aligned to established goals
  • Custom implementation, on-boarding, and Professional Development
  • Level 1 Help Desk Support via online ticketing system
  • Online partner community to share best practices

Strategic Alliances

  • Capitalize on best practices, professional resources, and relationships
  • On-site networking opportunities
  • Support any additional technical, curricular, and professional services needed